Mario Jackson was born on January 7th 1986 in Bowling Green Kentucky. The story started from his father not being a major factor in his life. The situation forced Mario better known as "Jules"  to grow up at an early age. Maria Jackson his mom was a young mother of three including "Jules". It was up to her to make a successful person out of him.

It was difficult for him to watch his mother struggle to make it, him and his three younger siblings. As years passed and the process became harder, Jules leaned on the passion for music to overcome his pain. Music instantly became a therapy to him in the eighth grade he began writing his own lyrics to all of his favorite artist’s songs. At the time, Mario was greatly influenced by Lil Wayne, The Hot Boys, DMX, Nas and several others. Being a little older and having some life experiences, He now listens to Common, Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Don Trip, and Ace Hood.

The depth that Jules has now is real life music. Releasing his first mix-tape project "The Arrival " last year he began to write more music. Jules will be dropping his second, project entitled “Philosophical Savagery,”  which he plans to be dropping in late 2013. Recognizing how much music helped him grow as a person and as an artist, it also made him realize the troubled times he and his family endured. With the passion he has, he wants his music to create new opportunities for those children who has went through it or currently battling the critical emotions of it.  Knowing how much dedication and hard work it takes, to break into the music industry. He still strives not only for himself but for his son to insure his family never has to live the life he has had.
“I’m not saying I’m what the games been missing, I’m just saying I think its bout time it paid attention.” -Jules

Website KingJules.com

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