J Mac Productions (The Producer)

   Jonathan "J Mac Da G" McGuire born Sept. 1 1989. Raised in the small town of Sturgis, Kentucky J Mac Da G lived a life of dreams in success. By early childhood he was playing on the drums at his church. Growing up in the church in with a family of religious, he strive to be a worker of our savior. Hanging around with his cousin " J Martyr " he began to discover his love for music.

  Teenage years came rolling by ,he then began to beat box for local rap battles where he then began to create arts of his life for producing. By the age of 16 he was making beats with a program his fellow partner gave him. Meeting fellow label mate "L-D.U.B.S.", they both became focus on music and how to better their self. As time progress he continued to make beats and also learned how to loop sounds but , they wasn't the top quality sounds he was actually looking for. Leaving for Western Kentucky University he got a hold to Fruity loops.

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